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2005-08-26 : Mupen64 0.5 for linux and windows released

Yes! Finally! A year of work is out. It's a compatibility and stability release. That kind of improvements are very hard to do but i think it was worth it. Look at the what's new list if you want to know the detail of what's been changed. A few notes on this release : the linux version is using gtk2 and all plugins should be compiled for gtk2. The source code archive includes the source code of many plugins (it means everything's ready to start playing after compiling it). On linux, you can compile a command line version named mupen64_nogui. The multi-users installation has been improved and should work now. The windows GUI is much more stable now with all plugins : everything is closed correctly when stopping emulation. I've also worked closely with Gonetz for this release. I have added some framebuffer functions that are currently only enabled in Glide64. To try it, don't forget to enable the Get Frame Buffer Info option in the Glide64's configuration dialog box. Mario kart's first race monitor should work almost full speed with this option as well as many other frame buffer effects. I'm very sorry for OSX users, we couldn't get something stable released at the same time as the other versions... but don't worry lamer0 is working on it and it should be released soon ;)

I'm now accepting donations. This release is the result of years of work. If you enjoy using it or if you like any of my n64 emulation project, please consider making a donation to support mupen64 development. Even a small donation would be very encouraging.

2005-08-18 : Gtk 1.2 or Gtk 2 ?

It's been while since the last release but finally a new version is almost ready. And as usual before releasing a new version, i'm working on some little GUI details and i'm wondering if i should stay with gtk 1.2 or switch to gtk 2 for linux binaries. You can give your opinion in this thread

2004-10-13 : Mupen64 0.4 for FreeBSD

Mupen64 0.4 has recently been ported to FreeBSD by tlp. It's avialable in the FreeBSD ports. For more informations, you can visit the freshports page.

2004-07-05 : Mupen64 0.4 for Windows and Linux

After almost 10 months without any release, 0.4 is finally out for windows and linux. There's no OSX release currently because the porter of the older versions isn't interested in working on it anymore, but if anyone is interesting in continuing his work, please contact me :)
This release includes a whole new core based on a dynamic compiler with a register cache. So, it should be faster than the previous version even if it can still be improved: fpu opcodes are not compiled at all for example. Another new feature you may enjoy: you can record mupen64 movies and convert them to .avi. Of course there are a lot of little fixes and general speed optimizations besides the dynarec but it's been too much time to remember everything. So i'll stop this post here and i'll let you enjoy the release ;)

2003-09-29 : OSX release + windows bug fixes

Finally Flea has finished his OSX port of mupen64 0.3, the archive includes a port of gln64 plugin aswell. On the windows side, the 0.3 package wasn't working on some computer, so we decided to do a small bug fix release that fix some minor but still very annoying issues. You can grab this 0.3.1 version in the download section. Nothing is released for linux this time, but i suggest you to check out the message board if the emulator is hanging every few seconds on your computer : an alsa plugin has been posted that should solve your problem hopefully.

2003-09-06 : mupen64 0.3

Another release another speed up and nearly perfect sound sync thanks to Azimer. There's another surprise with the linux version, i've ported rice's amazing plugin. Try it, it has its own compaitibility pros and cons but when a game is compatible, it's running very fast ! Shadowprince has also added some cool unique features you'll surely like. This time the OSX release isn't out at the same time but don't worry, i'm sure it'll be released soon. Here is a small what's new list :
- All versions
+ General speed up, 10-20% in most games Save states long loading time fixed, now it should load in less than a second
+ sound sync is far more accurate now (thanks to Azimer) it makes some additionnal games booting
+ 64dd detection to fix F-zero
+ a little idle loops bug has been fixed
- Windows port
+ Configuration and initialisation of plugins now can be done prior running a rom. It fixes numerous configuration issues with plugins as well
+ Recent roms menu with option to clear and freeze
+ Command line arguments support with option to run in GUIless mode, compatible with 1964 options, read more about it in pdf
+ Choosing and saving of plugins used per game, access it from Rom Properties
+ Reset rom menu added
+ Speed Modifier to allow game to run at any speed between 1-200% of original Use + and - to increase, decrease it, while in the game. And . to return to 100%.
+ Start game in fullscreen option
+ Pause emulation when idle fixes
+ Global plugin settings (should be unchecked if you want to use plugins per game option from rom properties)
+ Switch on/off ToolBar (ALT+T) and Status Bar (ALT+S), usefull when plugin sets wrong resolution in windowed mode, and for those who hate toolbars :)
+ Selection of columns to show in rom browser
+ English language template updated
+ Support for debugview by linker Put dll in the main folder, if you want to see log output
+ Tonnes of little fixes...
- RSP hle plugin
+ mario kart sound fixed

2003-07-31 : mupen64 0.2 released

After 5 months of hard work, we're proud to release the new mupen64 version. This is the beginning of optimizations, it's far much faster than previous one and there's still a large room for improvements :)
Here's the list of changes:
- Core
+ better sound plugin integration
+ optimizations in interrupt handling
+ a totally new interpreter core (half of a compiler => far much faster) it caches the opcodes when they're decoded
+ self modifying code detection code for the new interpreter and the compiler when it'll be implemented
+ RSP plugin integration
+ pif2 implemented for banjo tooie
- RSP hle plugin
+ the first version of this plugin based on uhle sound code
+ 3 main audio ucode implemented (based on uhle)
+ mp3 ucode implemented (direct asm to c translation)
+ jpeg ucode (direct asm to c translation)
+ boot code for btooie and dk
+ on windows: ability to use the hle part of a sound plugin while using another to output the sound (example: using hle from Azimer's plugin and ouputing with Jabo's plugin) This option doesn't work with azimer's audio plugin 0.3 version Please see more info about RSP and this feature in readme.pdf in chapter "3.3.2 Configuration"
- Sound Plugin for linux
+ a new lle sound plugin that's using the OSS api
- Windows port
+ Major cleanup of gui code and bug fixes
+ Gui improvements in rombrowser
+ Gui changes in configuration sheets and about dialog
+ Updates in language support and template Dialog with proper credits to translators ,send us your translations now :)
+ Support for screenshots from menu (depends on video plugin) (F3 key)
+ Added some shortcuts for gui functions to accelerators
+ Option to choose directories of plugins,screenshots and save states in sheets
+ Auto limit VI/s according to game region (60 or 50)
+ Ini updated with latest N64 releases
+ ...

2003-02-23 : mupen64 0.1 released on linux, windows and MacOSX

Hi folks
I've decided to not make you waiting any longer and to release the new mupen64. It includes many bug fixes for various games such as Goldeneye or Conker. The more important part in the core is the tlb exception implementation and other other things related to tlb. The whole memory map is implemented now so there shouldn't be any game complaining about it now :). This is also the first release which support sound plugins although no sound plugin is provided on linux yet... but... check out the message board regularly :) All the native save formats are working as they should as well as a new save states format. Last but not least... the gui. Thanks to Blight the linux version has a new gui similar to the windows one. Check it out, it's pretty good. ShadowPrince has also improved the windows gui by adding fps counters and a very cool bad dumps detection. There's also an audit rom option to check all your roms just as goodn64 would do. There's much more other things improved in the gui, many bug fixes, it looks way better, the list is too long to list it there, check the whatsnew file ! :) Ok enough for this post try it and post your feedback on the message board :)

2002-10-10 : mupen64 0.0.90a for linux

This release fixes a little bug that may happen when you have the latest SDL, so if mupen64 crashes with tr64 plugin try this one :)

2002-10-06 : mupen64 0.0.90a for windows and mupen64 0.0.90 for MacOSX

Yes, there's already another windows release. The previous one had serious bugs on some systems, so i managed to debug it today and here is the result. Meanwhile i have use another compiler that should be faster and it doesn't need cygwin dll anymore :) On the other hand `Flea sent me his MacOSX port, it's the first port on a big endian machine !! If you have any problem please go asking on the emutalk message board.

2002-10-06 : mupen64 0.0.90 for windows and linux released

After a huge amount of work and with the help of many people here's the 0.0.90 version that i consider a huge step in mupen64 developpement. It features a major improvememnent in compatibility even if these improvememnts only work in pure interpreter currently. Many parts of the core have been totally rewritten since last release (the list is included in the archive). The core has also been modified to work on big endian machines (without slowdown or any drawbacks for x86 users). So you can expect to see a MacOSX release very soon. Another great improvemement for final user is the new windows gui designed by ShadowPri (i will probably program a similar gui for the linux binary later) . I would also like to thanks DavFR for designing a great debugger for the linux developpement. I will put the source code on emutalk as usual tomorrow. What else to say ? Have fun with it :)

2002-07-26 : 0.0.4 for BeOS released

The 0.0.4 has been ported to BeOS by Claus Windeler. This release works but is pretty slow because BeOS doesn't really support hardward acceleration. But Claus has said me that he's planning to use TinyGL like in the qnx port. TinyGL is a software implementation of OpenGL that is pretty fast but not as accurate as standard implementations.

A few words about the next release of mupen64 before ending this posts : the compatibility of the pure interpreter is progressing nicely, i have fixed many severe bugs that made the previous release crashing in many games. Currently, i have to take a break of one week or two because i have real life work to do, but i think that i will be able to start compiling a new release after this break :-)

2002-07-07 : 0.0.4 screenshots

I've added a few screenshots of the 0.0.4 windows version. These screenshots were made by a new tester ( and hopefully developper soon ) Pir4nhaX

2002-07-06 : 0.0.4 released (for Windows, Linux and QNX)

Finally i have updated the windows version. Now it has a gui, and can use all the zilmar specs gfx and input plugins. You can also select one of the three cpu cores from the gui. The pure interpreter core has the best compatibility but it's really slow. Check the README to know what's new. The next step will be to improve compatibility, i think that one of the biggest problem is the tlb emulation. The linux release includes the tr64 0.5h plugin, ported to linux by blight and the joystick input plugin made by Obsidian.

I have forgotten to include this in the readme file but if you want to switch to fullscreen, just press F1 ;p

2002-06-08 : 0.0.4 Source code prerelease

You'll find a source code prerelease of the next version on the emutalk message board. The major improvement is the input plugin.

2002-05-09 : Gcc 3.0 problem

It seems that there are problems with gcc 3.0 binaries on some systems. I am very sorry if this bug happen in you system. I will release a new version compiled with gcc 2.96 soon. It will have input plugins and will be released for all the OSes. There are also some bugs when the emulator searches the plugins that will be solved in this new version (With the 0.0.3 version it should be run in a xterm in the mupen64's directory).

2002-05-06 : Mupen64 0.0.3 for Linux

I've just decided to release this version for linux because there will be major changes soon that will take time but hopefully will improve compatibility. This version runs mario64 and maybe some other roms but i have not tested. The most important news is that mupen64 is now compatible with Zilmar spec gfx plugin. I have included a linux port of the tr64 plugin v0.5c made by Icepir8. I have also uploaded new screen shots with the tr64 plugin. Other OSes versions will come later.

Have fun !

2002-05-03 : Qnx port

Muad have successfully ported Mupen64 to the qnx os. You'll find in the archive all the changes he made to compile it, if you are interested.

2002-04-16 : Mupen64 is now an OpenSource project !!!

Finally, i have not had the time to make the plugins but i hope i will have soon. The source code is released at the emutalk message board. All the informations concerning the sources will be posted on the board.

2002-02-14 : Mupen 0.0.2 for BeOS

Finally the BeOS version is working. There was many problems with it, mainly because of the bad BeOS opengl implementation. I had to separate it in two versions: a 2D executable and a 3D one. Please note that it needs a higher computer than the other versions.

I think that there will be a big delay before the next release because i am working on a Zilmar spec gfx plug-in.

Finallement la version BeOS marche. J'ai eu quelques problêmes sur cette version, principalement à cause d'une mauvaise implémentation de l'OpenGL sous BeOS. Il a fallut que je sépare mupen64 pour BeOS en deux versions : un executable pour la 2D et un pour la 3D. Veuillez noter que cette version demande une configuration plus importante que les autres.

Je pense qu'il faudra attendre assez longtemps avant la prochaine version car je suis en train de travailler sur un plug-in graphique respectant les spécifications de Zilmar.

2002-02-09 : New website design

I want to say a big thank you to [d.o.u.g] for creating this design. I also want to thank mesmann00 for trying to make his own mupen64 site design and martin and all the emulation64 administrators for hosting the mupen64 homepage.

A little info on current mupen64 progress : many bugs have been fixed and dukenukem is starting to work. There's also some other roms that show something and a little gui made with gtk.

2002-01-12 : Mupen64 0.0.2 is released

This new version can play mario64 in wireframe mode at a reasonnable speed. I released this version before doing the plug-in system. (After making it, I will release the sources.)

Note: The BeOS version will probably be uploaded the next week.

Cette nouvelle version peut faire tourner mario64 en mode filiaire à une vitesse raisonnable. Je publie cette version avant de faire un système de plug-ins. (Après cela je publierai les sources.)

Note: La version BeOS sera probablement mise en ligne la semaine prochaine.

2001-12-18 : BeOS port's release

It's just a BeOS port for a BeOS fan who ask me this thing. There's nothing more than the other versions and it must be run in a console.

Un simple portage BeOS pour un fan de BeOS qui me l'a demandé. Il n'y a rien de plus que dans les autres versions et l'émulateur doit être lancé dans une console.

2001-12-10 : The first public release

MUPEN64 is a n64 emulator designed to be multi-OS. It is developped on/for Linux but a Windows version is available. Actually, the program can be easily ported on all OS supported by the SDL library. What this emulator is able to do ? Nothing really impressive... but it has many things already implemented such as a dynamic recompilator. It is compatible with all 100% CPU demos that I have found and it shows the mario64 title and only on the interpretive mode of the Linux version the mario's head (No texture yet).

MUPEN64 est un emulateur n64 prévu pour tourner sur plusieurs systèmes d'exploitation. Il est actuellement développé sur/pour une plateforme Linux mais une version Windows est disponible. En fait, ce programme peut être porté facilement sur toute plateforme supportée par la SDL. Qu'est ce que cet emulateur est capable de faire ? Rien de très impressionnant mais beaucoup de choses sont déjà implantées comme par exemple un recompilateur dynamique. Il est compatible avec toutes les demos n'utilisant que le CPU que j'ai pu trouver jusqu'alors et il affiche le titre de mario64 ainsi que la tête de mario dans le mode interprétation de la version Linux (Sans les textures pour l'instant).